Herbs, Vitamins – Had A Health Food Store – If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now

In 1978, I was working as a Realtor in my family’s 100 year old business. I “had it all”; of course
all but happiness. I believed strongly in holistic medicine, herbs, vitamins, etc. I ran the Lafayette
to Crowley, La. 26-mile marathon twice. I owned one of Mississippi’s first health and natural food
stores. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on my body. I could pass for a movie star. I was emotionally,
spiritually and physically a mess.

I ran five to ten miles a day. I had a successful business. I read all the books on vitamins,
minerals, herbs, became a vegetarian, and everything one can do to be “superhuman”. I was in
a deep depression and after each marathon would become very ill for months; a feeling that could
only be described as to how I’ve heard mononucleosis described. russian food store

But what was wrong? I listened to all the traveling health food salespersons, I went to
isolated mountains to study with herbalists, I even lived in a yoga ashram for awhile. I still
did not feel right. I took all the “right natural vitamins”. Organic foods were the staple in my
home. I was still ill.

Fast forward 23 years. I suffered a major heart attack. This time, I had an extra tool. The
Internet. I told myself (in the hospital) “Rick, if you recover from this, you are really going to
find out the truth about health foods and nutrition.”

I went on a four year research spree.

This is what I found. 99.9% of “health food experts” don’t have a clue. I know that is going
to make me sound controversial, disliked, etc., but “oh well”. I have to sleep at night.

The only thing I may have had right was raw fresh vegetables early on.

As far as herbs. I might as well have been eating junk. I had no idea most of them derived from
third world countries, sprayed with dysentery-infected water, causing more harm than good.

Many were not even wild crafted much less certified organic (thought the company names had

misleading “Nature’s This” and “Nature’s That” type names.

In addition, they were processed into tablet or capsule form. I was surprised to find out
even if grown in a controlled clean environment, this structure of herb has little if any medicinal
value. Just buy garbage. It is cheaper.

On top of that, the only herbs that have any meaningful medicinal value are in tincture
form, and certified organic, preferably grown in western countries and preferably wild crafted if
possibly but wild crafted is not necessary.

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